Announcing the 2019 Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament Benefiting Feeding America

Assured Life Association has officially announced its 2nd annual Scramble to End Hunger mail-in golf tournament benefiting Feeding America! Find the details here.

A mail-in golf tournament means that members can play any 72-par golf course in their own area and enter their score in the golf tournament. There are rules and guidelines for each 4-person team to follow, but there are also some fun “buy-outs” of those rules. And remember, this is all to benefit Feeding America, the nations largest domestic hunger relief organization.

  1. Get a foursome together to enter Assured Life’s Scramble to End Hunger (at least 1 golfer from each team must be a member of Assured Life Association).
  2. Register your team any time before you play your tournament round of golf by completing the registration form and submitting it with a $100 entry fee.
  3. Follow the tournament rules and guidelines or consider purchasing “buy-outs” of some of those rules and guidelines.
  4. Golf your tournament round on or before August 31, 2019!
  5. Submit your team score by sending in the score card from the golf course you played to the Fraternal Department by September 15, 2019.

You can find all the details on the Assured Life website.

Why Scramble to End Hunger is Important

According to Feeding America, millions of people struggle to get by because of underemployment, stagnant wages and rising costs of living. In fact, more than 46 million people still turn to the Feeding America network each year for extra support. In the United States, 1 in 8 people struggles with hunger.

So, let’s help the hungry and have some fun on the golf course at the same time. Enter a team in the 2019 Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament today!



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Summer Camp Grant Program – Next Big Thing on Calendar

The next big thing on the calendar for Assured Life Association is the summer camp grant program. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2019.

The Society sets aside monies to provide individual Summer Camp Grants for youth with a membership connection – members, children or grandchildren of members, or youth being sponsored by a local chapter. Summer Camp Grant amounts vary depending upon the number of eligible applications received and the cost of the individual camp; the maximum award is $100. Click here for details.

Join Hands Day – Saturday, May 4, 2019

Join Hands Day is a day of community service that specifically targets and develops relationships between young people and adults through neighborhood volunteering. Youth and adults work together on an equal basis to plan, organize and implement the day’s activities. Join Hands Day is always held on the first Saturday in May, making planning each year easy. This year, Join Hands Day is Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Here’s the 411 of a successful Join Hands Day project:

  1. Establish a Committee
  2. Identify a Youth Group (start with your kids or grandkids)
  3. Choose a Project
  4. Plan
  5. On May 4, 2019 – Do Your Project


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Assured Life College Scholarship Application Deadline – March 15, 2019

Assured Life Association’s college scholarship applications are due March 15, 2019. Do not delay! Applicants must be certificateholders, or children or grandchildren of certificateholders, of Assured Life Association of Greenwood Village, Colorado. There is no restriction as to age, sex or area of study. Applicants must be seniors in high-school, undergraduates, or graduate students, must be taking a minimum of 12 credits and have at least a 2.50 GPA. Get details here.

Assured Life awarded 60 college scholarships last year totaling $76,500.

Longing for Spring – Scramble to End Hunger

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring! Don’t get me wrong. Winters here in Colorado are very mild, but Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

Part of the reason for my favorite seasons is GOLF!

And of course, you can’t think about golf without thinking about Assured Life’s Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament benefiting Feeding America. Assured Life Association is officially sponsoring a team “mail-in” foursome scramble golf tournament to benefit Feeding America again this year. A mail-In golf tournament means that your team can golf at any 72-par golf course at your location and mail in the team score.

We need foursomes to participate in this year’s event! It is easy. Get a foursome together and golf any 72-par golf course in your area any time between now and August 31, 2019. There is no deadline to register your team, but we do ask that you register before you golf your tournament round. Your tournament round of golf must be completed by August 31, 2019 and the team score mailed or emailed by September 15, 2019.  You will find the rules, guidelines and rule buy-out options here.

On the Lighter Side

I’m sure I have used this Ole joke before, but just can’t resist sharing it again.

Ole, Sven and Lars die in a tragic accident. They are met by God on the stairway to heaven.

God says, “There are 3,000 steps to heaven. It’s very serious up there. I’ll tell you a joke on each 1,000th step you reach. If you laugh you go to hell.”

So they start walking and reach to the first 1,000th step. God tells a joke, Lars laughs out loud and goes straight to hell. Ole and Sven look at each other nervously.

On the 2,000th step God tells another joke, Sven tries his best but laughs and goes to straight to hell.

On the 3,000th step God tells the last and best joke, Ole doesn’t laugh and proceeds to the gate.

Suddenly, Ole bursts out laughing hysterically. God asks, “What are you laughing about?”.

Ole replies, “Oh dat’s funny. I yust got da first yoke!”.

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2018 Assured Life Food Build Sparks Creativity Once Again!

Once again, Assured Life’s Food Build event sparks some creativity! This year, 3 chapters participated in the event; each earning $250 to the Food Bank or Food Program of their choosing just for participating!

DBIA Lodge 33 President, Bent Madsen shown here with representatives from the FISH Food Bank for Peninsula and Gig Harbor, Jan and Ron Cohen.

First, the Danish Brotherhood Lodge 33 in Tacoma, Washington, decided to add a member food drive to their annual picnic this year. Knowing that they wanted to do a food build in conjunction with the food drive, the lodge requested red and white colored food items (cans, boxes, packaging, etc.).  At the end of the day, the lodge laid out the food in such a way to represent the Danish Flag and their Danish heritage.  Great themed food drive, Tacoma!

It is estimated that the chapter collected 250 lbs of food valued at $425. 50 members and guests participated in the event, all bringing food items and representing about 50 hours of community service.

Great job, DBIA Lodge 33!!

As part of Seattle Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29’s  yearly party honoring long time members, members were asked to collect and bring food donations to the event. The Chapter’s junior members are quite active in building their creation designed by their “official” build architect, Annelise Kromann. This year the Chapter honored the recent passing of Danish singer Kim Larsen.

Honoring the death of Danish singer, Kim Larsen, DBIA Lodge 29 in Seattle, WA created a memorial with their food build.

DBIA Lodge 29 donated 777 lbs of food valued at approximately $1,500 plus over $400 in cash donations to Hopelink, serving homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities in King and Snohomish counties in the state of Washington.

Nicely done, Seattle!

The Trolls of Danish Artist, Thomas Dambo, were the inspiration for Eugene, Oregon’s DBIA Lodge 348 Food Build this year.

Inspired by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, members of the DBIA Lodge 348 created a Troll out of the food collected and donated by its members. Another great design by designers, Mary Stefansen, Joan Cavin and Dorthe Pettigrew!

Here you get a sample of Thomas Dambo’s work.

Wrapped cans of food, packages of pasta, cheese hair, candy-bar beard, sausage fingers and potato toes means that DBIA Lodge 348’s Troll is completely edible and all of the 350+ lbs of food donated by Lodge 348 will go to Food for Lane County. The food collection is valued at approximately $585.

Great job, Eugene!

Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament Strikes Again!

We had 3 chapters register 6 teams for the 2018 Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament. Thank you to DBIA Lodge 46 in Edison, NJ, DBIA Lodge 29 in Seattle, WA and DBIA Lodge 348 in Eugene, OR. Because of the registrations collected, Assured Life Association donated $360 to Feeding America, providing about 3,600 meals to families in need through its network!! That’s about 3,000 lbs of food. The donation doesn’t sound like much until you equate it to the number of meals and pounds of food provided.

Now for the results!  Drum roll, please……

The winning team for the 2nd annual Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament is…..Xs 4 DARBS from DBIA Seattle, WA Lodge 29. DBIA Lodge 29 will receive an award check in the amount of $260 from the fraternal department for their efforts! Congrats Xs 4 DARBS! A close second in the Tournament was 348 Team #3 of DBIA Lodge 348 of Eugene, OR.

The top individual high series this year goes to Steve Hambleton bowling for the Xs 4 DARBS team of DBIA Seattle, WA Lodge 29. Steve will receive a $50 award check from fraternal department. Second place for high series was Poul Stefansen bowling for 348 Team #1 of DBIA Lodge 348 in Eugene.

Again, thank you all for participating.  It was great to have a new team from the East Coast!  Thanks for participating, Rick.  If we do this again next year, I hope you will participate again.

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62 Days Until Christmas!

Assured Life Association currently has a couple of member volunteer projects overlapping. We are still in the throws of the National Member Food Drive, and it’s time begin promoting Operation Santa’s Elves. There are just 62 days until Christmas!

So, finish up your plans for the national member food drive; get your teams for the Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament benefiting Feeding America registered today! Also, remember there is still time to do a member food drive and participate in a Food Build to earn your local food bank at least $100.

Then, make plans to help us through Operation Santa’s Elves this year. It’s easy to participate! Just seek out a local organization or program that assists in providing Christmas gifts to needy kids; a toy drive, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, etc. Regardless of the program or its name, we want to count it towards Operation Santa’s Elves. It may be as easy as going to Sam’s club during the season and Toys for Tots are at the door-way collecting toys for the needy. So, you buy a couple of toys while shopping at Sam’s club and drop them in the Toys for Tots collection box as you leave. Done and done!

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Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament Enters its 2nd Year!

Strikes Against Hunger Bowling Tournament September 1 – November 30, 2018

We have decided to try this again this year! Assured Life Association is officially sponsoring a team “mail-in” bowling tournament to benefit Feeding America. A mail-In bowling tournament means that your team can bowl at your location and mail your scores into the Fraternal Department. Last year we had 9 teams from 3 chapters participate. I’m sure we can improve on that this year, can’t we?

The tournament will be a team only tournament to include 4-person teams of all males, all females or mixed; however, all teams will be placed into one tournament pool unless the number of registrations allows separate tournaments.

A team registration fee in the amount $60 ($15 per bowler) must be mailed to the home office along with the registration form. The winning team will receive a monetary prize of $260; additional prizes may be awarded depending upon the number of teams registered.

All profits from the tournament will be donated to Feeding America to help those struggling with hunger in the United States. Profits are defined as all registrations fees received. No other expenses will be deducted from the registrations collected.

Lois Toftemark takes aim at picking up a spare in last year’s tournament!

There is no deadline for registration, but please register your team before you bowl. Bowling must be completed and scores submitted to the home office on or before December 1, 2018. So, please help us help the hungry here in the United States and enter a team in Strikes Against Hunger!

Click Here for Details


September is Hunger Action Month

Take the Hunger Action Month Challenge

Do you like to eat out once in awhile? Do you frequently get a drink at Starbucks?

My wife and I go out for breakfast at least once each weekend. It’s our favorite meal to eat out other than going to a nice restaurant for special occasions. We typically spend about $30, including tip, to get breakfast at The Egg and I in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Just think, if we were to sacrifice that meal out for the month of September and donate the money we would have spent on each breakfast to the Food Bank of the Rockies, we would be contributing $120 to help the hungry in our area. At the Food Bank of the Rockies, a $1 donation provides 4 nutritious meals. So, for sacrificing breakfast out for the month of September, my wife and I can provide 480 meals for the hungry in Colorado!

How about you? Can you sacrifice a meal out during the month of September and donate the amount you would spend to your local food bank or food program? That’s our challenge! How about sacrificing that daily or weekly Starbucks fix for the month of September?

On the average, if a person gets a Starbucks drink 3 times a week, he or she is spending about $30—$35 per month. Think of the impact these sacrifices could have for those in need!

That’s the challenge, now its up to you. Please let us know if you take the challenge by emailing us at


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Scramble to End Hunger is a Success!

Eaton Country Club – Eaton, CO

In conjunction with its national member food drive for 2018, Assured Life Association sponsored a “mail-in” scramble golf tournament; coined the Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament. We were pleased with our first effort with this kind of tournament.

Teams were to choose a 72-par golf course in their area to play and submit their total score to the tournament home office. Each team paid $60 to enter the tournament with all proceeds donated to Feeding America. Pictures throughout this blog represent the golf courses played for the Scramble to End Hunger.

Happy Hour Hackers – Castle Rock, CO

Assured Life had 4 teams enter the tournament, for a total of $240 in registration fees going directly to Feeding America to help in its battle against hunger.  They included Team Tanya of Eaton, CO, Girls Gone Golfing of Littleton, CO, Happy Hour Hackers of Castle Rock, CO and the Huskerteers of  Castle Rock, CO and Blair, NE.

The Huskerteers – Castle Rock, CO and Blair, NE

In their first ever Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament, teams were required to use each team members’ drive at least 4 times in the 18-hole round and could not use consecutive shots by any one player. This added some challenge to the tournament and, perhaps, evened the playing field a bit.  There were grumblings about these rules at first, but teams soon embraced them.

The winner of our 1st ever Scramble to End Hunger was Team Tanya of Eaton, CO. This team brought home the championship trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights with an impressive 7 under par score of 65!  Way to go Team Tanya!

River Wilds Golf Club – Blair, NE

2nd place belongs to our team made up of 1 golfer from Castle Rock, CO and 3 from Blair, NE; the Huskerteers. With a score of 69, or 3 under par, the team vows to better their performance at next year’s tournament.

Girls Gone Golfing of Littleton, CO, an all female team, and the Happy Hour Hackers of Castle Rock, CO, an all male team, tied for 3rd place on our leader board with a 1 under par score of 71.

Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks, Silverthorne, CO

According to the rules, the longest drive would break any tie; however that hardly sounds fair when you have an all male team competing with an all female team for the tie breaker. Someone didn’t think these rules all the way through. So, we are leaving the results as a tie for 3rd place.

Team Tanya graciously donated the $260 prize money back to Assured Life Association for the benefit of Feeding America. Thank you Team Tanya!

Highlands Ranch Golf Club – Highlands Ranch, CO

With the registrations of $240 and the prize money of $260, the Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament donated $500 to Feeding America. This donation will provide 5,000 meals, or 6,000 lbs of food, to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. A great 1st year for this event with hopes of next year being even better! Watch for announcements next Spring for the 2nd annual Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament.


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