DBIA Lodge Joins Fight Against Hunger In A Big Way

ALA_horz color_barOn June 23, 2015, I sent an email to our membership regarding our Virtual Food Drive asking for your support. Within minutes of releasing that email, two individual members made an online contribution to our cause. Later in the day, I received an email from DBIA Lodge 183 in Troy, New York:

“RE: Support the National Member Food Drive


The members of Lodge 183 will be sending you a check for $2,500 for this most worthy cause.

Harry Jensen, President
Erica Kelsey, Vice President
Chris Kelsey, Secretary-Treasurer
And the rest of our members”

Needless to say, I was elated at this news and immediately thanked them for their generosity. In return, they challenged [all] other [camps/lodges] to “step up and help combat hunger in our own country.” Actually, they called out to and specifically challenged other DBIA Lodges, but I couldn’t resist making it all inclusive.

What a great challenge and opportunity to really make a difference for the hungry! Thank you members of Gothaab Danish Brotherhood Lodge 183 for giving a big Log On picboost to reach our $5,000 goal to fight hunger.

If you would like to help, log on and contribute to our Virtual Food Drive.

Assured Life Virtual Food Drive Fund Balance

We are $2,450 away from our $5,000 goal!!  Donate Today.

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