10,000 Americans Turn 65 Every Day!

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According to the Department of Health & Human Services, more than 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the United States. That number creates opportunities and challenges for organizations and companies serving Seniors in this country.

Just when we thought we had cornered the market on providing a one-stop online resource for seniors (RE: Seniors), the government decides to get a piece of the action. I just read in the latest issue of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors’ complimentary newsletter, Senior Spirit, that the Federal government has just launched its own one-stop online resource aimed at older Americans; all in response to the growing number of Americans turning age 65 each day. I guess the important thing to remember is that there are places to go on the internet for answers.

Assured Life’s webpage, RE: Seniors, was designed to bring resources and information important to seniors together in one place. Organized by multiple topics or issues the page links you to a host of helpful websites, resources and programs specifically for seniors.

Under the Department of Health and Human Services, aging.gov links you to a broad array of federal information, including how to find local services and resources in your community for everything from healthy aging to elder justice to long-term care. The government site is also organized by topic or issue; just not as many as that provided by our RE: Seniors webpage.

If you haven’t ever checked out our RE: Seniors webpage, you should. And check out aging.gov while you’re at it. We live in an age where knowledge is power. Pump up your power!

Let Assured Life Do It!

Some people, especially some seniors, are online only to be able to communicate with family and friends by email. They don’t like to spend a lot of time on their computer or tablet to research things. Assured Life Association has a solution.

Do you have questions about needs and services specific to seniors and need to be pointed in the right direction? Maybe you are looking for tips on how to stay healthy as you age? Do you hate research and loath digging for the answers you are seeking? Assured Life offers a FREE seniors’ research service to its members!

With the aid of our Research Team, you can sit back and relax while we do the leg work for you. We’ll research your issue or question and send you a comprehensive report that will direct you to the resources that will provide you the answers or services that you need. Start taking advantage of this FREE service and call our Seniors’ Research Team today at (866) 559-2395 or complete our Seniors’ Research Team Questionnaire and submit online.

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