15 Million Children Face Hunger in the U.S.

Assured Life Association’s 8th annual National Member Food Drive is well underway! And we need your help to make a difference.

It is hard to believe that hunger is a real problem for us in the United States. But as we have posted repeatedly for the last 8 years, it is.

According to Feeding America, 1 in 7 people in the United States Facebook Badgestruggles with hunger. That is why we have made this cause one of our main national member service campaigns and why we will continue to support it among our membership in the future. We hope that you will join us in this very important cause. Share how you are helping on our new Facebook page.

It is way too easy sometimes to justify our lack of participation when adults are involved. We say to ourselves, “they are adults,” “they can help themselves” or “they got themselves into this mess.” These are often hard-working adults who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days. Most times they did nothing to create the situation they are in. We could debate this from now until our 2016 food drive comes to an end, but when kids are involved, the message is clear. They certainly can’t help themselves; they need our help!

Feeding America says 15 million children face hunger in the United States. 1 is too many, but 15 million?!

While they are in school, kids have access to meals; however on the weekends or during the summer this access is cut off since the school closes down. Many food banks offer a summer food program for kids, but not all are able to do that. This makes our efforts to help the hungry even more important.

Please consider helping us with the food drive this year.

How About a Simple Neighborhood Food Drive? Great for groups and individual members.

Organize a neighborhood food drive.

Help our cause with Neighborhood Food Drive

Help our cause with Neighborhood Food Drive

Distribute paper bags to each of your neighbors with a note or flyer. Ask them to fill the bag with non-perishable food items and place the filled bag on their front porch or outside their front door on a particular day and time for pick up; or you can drop by on a certain day to pick up their filled bags if you don’t feel comfortable having the items outside unattended. Make sure to print your name and phone number on the note as a contact if there are any questions.

If you need help with a neighborhood food drive, let us know. We will create a neighborhood food drive flyer and do what we can to help. Just email Jerry at jlc@assuredlife.org.

Monetary Donations Have a High Impact

Monetary donations to food banks and food programs are easy to do and carry a huge impact. For Feeding America, for example, every $1 received provides 11 meals or 14 pounds of food and grocery product to people facing hunger. “Because
of the collective purchasing power of the network’s food banks, food can be acquired earlier in the supply chain, thus reducing costs for the food banks and their

Your local food bank may be a part of the Feeding America network and can take advantage of this purchasing power as well. If not, they still have greater purchasing power than you as an individual so can purchase more food and grocery product with your $1 donation than you can as an individual.

GRMGIf you make a donation to a local food bank and you are a benefit member (you have one of our life insurance, annuity or medicare supplement insurance products), you can increase your donation by utilizing our matching charitable giving program.

With the Growth Ring Matching Gift program, we match up to $250 of charitable giving per benefit member, per year. So donate to your local food bank and request matching from Assured Life Association.

If you make a donation to a local food bank, please share it with us on our Facebook Facebook Badgepage. We created this space to inform member/customers about Assured Life’s national member service campaigns, member benefits, events and volunteer activities as well as provide a place for members to interact and share their experiences. So, please share with us how you helped with our food drive.

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