Last Final Appeal – “Like” our Facebook Page – Feed the Hungry

Final Appeal

Yesterday, Assured Life Association sent an all-member email in its final appeal for the “Like” our Facebook Page and Feed the Hungry campaign.

The campaign has done well and we are up to 126 Fans of our page.  At $2 per Fan, this means a minimum of a $252 donation to Feeding America which will provide 2,772 meals for the hungry! So, if you are on Facebook and have not done so already, please…

Like Us On Facebook

68 Scholarships Totaling $64,500 Awarded This Month

Assured Life Association awarded 68 college scholarships this year totaling $64,500! Assured Life’s scholarship program continues to be one of the most popular and utilized member benefit. In the last 17 years (2000-2016) Assured Life has awarded 1,103 scholarships totaling $994,050! And as best we can determine, we have provided nearly $1,500,000 in college scholarships in our Society’s history.

If you would like to see this year’s scholarship recipients Click Here. 

National Member Food Drive Continues to be Society Focus

As we head into the fall months and kids are already back to school in many parts of the country, we are reminded of how quickly time goes. But for those dealing with hunger, time can’t go fast enough! Finally, kids who are in families of the food insecure are back at school where they have an opportunity for a balanced meal on a regular basis again. These families still need our help! Please get involved with our national member food drive and help us help the hungry.

Earlier this summer Assured Life reached out to members in the Omaha, Nebraska area and the Denver, Colorado area. A designated drop-off location for food donations was advertised and we asked members to donate food items to benefit their respective food bank.

The results were less than stellar, but it was more than we would have done had we not invited members specifically in those areas to help. Every little bit helps those who truly need it.

In Nebraska, 1 member donated 33 lbs of food for the Food Bank for the Heartland. This provided 27.5 meals.

In Colorado, no food donations were received, however 3 members, and Assured Life Association through its matching gift program, donated $100 to the Food Bank of the Rockies, providing 400 meals or 500 lbs of food for the hungry here in Colorado.

We are considering targeting other specific areas, but have not made that determination as of yet. If you would like us to target your area, please let Jerry know at

On the Lighter Side

Man LaughingAs the passengers settled in on a West Coast commuter flight, a flight attendant announced, “We’d like you folks to help us welcome our new co-pilot. He’ll be performing his first commercial landing for us today, so be sure to give him a big round of applause when we come to a stop.”

The plane made an extremely bumpy landing, bouncing hard two or three times before taxiing to a stop. Still, the passengers applauded enthusiastically. Then the attendant’s voice came over the intercom, “Thanks for flying with us today. And don’t forget to let our co-pilot know which of those landings you liked best!”




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