Check Out our 2016 Food Build Entries!

I am not sure how they do it year after year, but the Eugene, Oregon and Seattle, Washington DBIA Lodges have once again outdone themselves in Assured Life Association’s 2016 Food Build event. Check out their entries and then take our poll on which one you like best!


db-29-food-build-2016DBIA Lodge 29 of Seattle created a replica of Holger Danske. Holger Danske is normally regarded as a Danish national symbol according to Encyclopedia Mythica. The character was first mentioned in French literature in 1060. Hans Christian Andersen brought the character to life in his fairytale, Hoger Danske, where he is described as sitting fast asleep, with his beard having grown into the table in front of him and his sword in his lap; prepared to wake up to action in case Denmark is threatened by outside forces. DBIA Lodge 29 collected a total of 490 lbs of food valued at $996 plus $86 in cash donations. With the profits of its Veteran’s Night Dinner in the amount of $196.56 also being added, the total value of DBIA’s Food Drive was $1,278.56, all benefiting HopeLink.

2016-db-348-food-build1DBIA Lodge 348 of Eugene created a a replica of the Tuborg Brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark, that delivers their “Julebryg” Christmas Beer on the first Friday of November every year. That day has become known as “J-Day”! A scene was created surrounding the theme of Tuborg’s delivery of its Christmas brew. This seasonal beer is only on the market for ten weeks every year, yet is Denmark’s 4th best selling beer according to the Carlsberg Group website. DBIA Lodge 348 collected 250 lbs of food valued at about $400 for Food for Lane County. From the blue bottles of beer to the truck wheels, everything was made with cans and/or boxes of food!

Here are some more pictures of their food builds.

2016-db-29-food-build22016-db-29-food-build3For their efforts, DBIA Lodge 29 and 348 have each earned a $250 donation from the home office to their respective food banks.





2016-db-348-food-build5Holger Danske awakens just in time for the beheading of a threat to Denmark!





The Tuborg delivery trucks head out to deliver its Julebryg (Christmas Beer) on J-Day!












It’s Not Too Late to Participate in Operation Santa’s Elves

There are still locations for Toys for Tots collection. Help us make Christmas special for some needy children!






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