From Golf to Bowling….Feeding America and the Hungry Benefit Again!

Lois Toftemark of Eugene, OR DBIA Lodge 348 takes aim at picking up a spare! I think she left the hardest pin standing.

Assured Life Association is officially sponsoring a team “mail-in” bowling tournament to benefit Feeding America again this year. This means your team can bowl at your location and mail in the scores!

Strikes Against Hunger is a team only bowling tournament to include 4-person teams of all males, all females or mixed; however, all teams will be placed into one tournament pool unless the number of registrations allows separate tournaments.

A team registration fee in the amount $60 ($15 per bowler) must be mailed to the home office along with the registration form. The winning team will receive a monetary prize of $260; additional prizes may be awarded depending upon the number of teams registered.


All profits from the tournament will be donated to Feeding America to help those struggling with hunger in the United States. Profits are defined as all registrations fees received. No other expenses will be deducted from the registrations collected.

There is no deadline for registration, but please register your team before you bowl. Bowling must be completed and scores submitted to the home office on or before December 1, 2019.

The Rules and Guidelines for the tournament as well as a registration form can be found on our website, here.


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