Summer Camp Grant Application Deadline – May 15, 2020

We don’t know what the coronavirus will do to the various summer camp experiences this summer. But the Summer Camp Grant Application deadline is not until May 15, 2020; hopefully we will all have better information on any summer encampment delays or cancellations by then.

Assured Life provides individual Summer Camp Grants for youth with a membership connection (members, children or grandchildren of members or youth being sponsored by a local chapter). Summer Camp Grant awards may vary depending upon the number of eligible applications received, but for the last few years Assured Life has been awarding the maximum camp grant of $100 per camper.

Find a Summer Camp Grant Application here.

Operation Purple Camps – One of Assured Life’s Projects

Operation Purple Camp, a National Military Family Association program, provides military kids a free week of summer camp where they connect with other kids just like themselves. Kids from all uniformed services are invited to apply. At Assured Life, we believe that helping military kids go to summer camp shows our support for our military families. Please consider a donation to this very worthy cause. Click here for a donation form.

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