Assured Life College Scholarship Application Deadline – March 15, 2019

Assured Life Association’s college scholarship applications are due March 15, 2019. Do not delay! Applicants must be certificateholders, or children or grandchildren of certificateholders, of Assured Life Association of Greenwood Village, Colorado. There is no restriction as to age, sex or area of study. Applicants must be seniors in high-school, undergraduates, or graduate students, must be taking a minimum of 12 credits and have at least a 2.50 GPA. Get details here.

Assured Life awarded 60 college scholarships last year totaling $76,500.

Longing for Spring – Scramble to End Hunger

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring! Don’t get me wrong. Winters here in Colorado are very mild, but Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

Part of the reason for my favorite seasons is GOLF!

And of course, you can’t think about golf without thinking about Assured Life’s Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament benefiting Feeding America. Assured Life Association is officially sponsoring a team “mail-in” foursome scramble golf tournament to benefit Feeding America again this year. A mail-In golf tournament means that your team can golf at any 72-par golf course at your location and mail in the team score.

We need foursomes to participate in this year’s event! It is easy. Get a foursome together and golf any 72-par golf course in your area any time between now and August 31, 2019. There is no deadline to register your team, but we do ask that you register before you golf your tournament round. Your tournament round of golf must be completed by August 31, 2019 and the team score mailed or emailed by September 15, 2019.  You will find the rules, guidelines and rule buy-out options here.

On the Lighter Side

I’m sure I have used this Ole joke before, but just can’t resist sharing it again.

Ole, Sven and Lars die in a tragic accident. They are met by God on the stairway to heaven.

God says, “There are 3,000 steps to heaven. It’s very serious up there. I’ll tell you a joke on each 1,000th step you reach. If you laugh you go to hell.”

So they start walking and reach to the first 1,000th step. God tells a joke, Lars laughs out loud and goes straight to hell. Ole and Sven look at each other nervously.

On the 2,000th step God tells another joke, Sven tries his best but laughs and goes to straight to hell.

On the 3,000th step God tells the last and best joke, Ole doesn’t laugh and proceeds to the gate.

Suddenly, Ole bursts out laughing hysterically. God asks, “What are you laughing about?”.

Ole replies, “Oh dat’s funny. I yust got da first yoke!”.

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